Julian Assange sänder en signal som bara påvar gör!

Vilken tomte! Assange i bilen när han hämtades ut från ambassaden. (Thought only Popes do this sign) 

Det här med Julian Assange! Är det synd om honom? Är han en riktig hjälte mot etablissemanget eller är han bara en skådespelare.  Är han inte både betald och hjärntvättad för att tala om hemliga saker för oss! Säkert som amen i kyrkan. 

Telegraph skriver: Wikileaks claims MI5 and CIA developed spyware to turn televisions and smart phones into bugs
British spy agencies worked with the CIA to turn televisions and smart phones into bugging devices that can record conversations and even take photographs, according to leaked intelligence documents.

The CIA is accused of running a secret computer hacking programme giving its agents access to everyday items including mobile phones, TVs and iPads. Läs mer!

Vill man få en liten glimt av vad som pågår får man läsa utanför boxen. Så här skriver Henry Makow om debaclet på Equadors ambassad: We all tend to be too eager for a ‘hero’ against the establishment, so we don’t recognize that sometimes, a fake ‘hero’ is supplied by the CIA’s own favoured media outlets. På bilden gör Assange ett tecken som bara är påvar som gör  Han är styv i korken mitt upp i alltihopa.

 And indeed, there is evidence that anti-9-11-truth Assange, is a Mossad – CIA fraud, with a long history tied to the world’s wealthiest family, the Israel-devoted Rothschilds. We need to see what every major government knows, there is nothing real about either Julian Assange or Edward Snowden.

Makow skriver att Assange inte alls tillbringat all sin tid på ambassaden. Som en annan tänkt: Stackarn! Där sitter han utan solsken och ser ut som en vit sparrisknopp! Lite mer om den annorlunda bilden här!

Och här lite om Assange och Snowden som råttfångare åt CIA.

På denna blogg kommer en hel genomgång om Wikileaks (som CIA-front) och Julian Assange. Julian Assange tror på den officiella versionen av 9/11. Det får en vakna upp!

In January 2007, John Young, who runs cryptome.org, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front.

Asian intelligence sources reportedly state that:

”Wikileaks is running a disinformation campaign, crying persecution by U.S. intelligence – when it is U.S. intelligence itself.”

Roger Stone

Donald Trump’s friend Roger Stone, the ‘dirty trickster’ who allegedly invented PizzaGate.

In January 2007, John Young, who runs cryptome.org, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front.

Donald Trump’s friend Roger Stone, the ‘dirty trickster’ who allegedly invented PizzaGate.

Julian Assange appears to have worked to get Israel’s friend Donald Trump into the White House.

At a meeting of Republicans in Florida in August 2016, Trump’s friend Roger Stone proclaimed: ”I actually have communicated with Assange.”

Roger Stone – Julian Assange /Roger Stone’s Secret Messages with WikiLeaks – The Atlantic

In October 2016, John Podesta’s emails were published on Wikileaks, which is a suspected CIA/Mossad front.

Concocting Pizzagate for Trump

A lot of Roger Stone’s skills were learned from his mentor, Roy Cohn.

Retired New York Police Department detective James Rothstein claims that Stone was linked to Cohn’s child abuse ‘ring‘.


Mer om Assange här:

Anna A: Julian är världens sämsta ligg

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Julian som världens frälsare

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Swedish fucker hands over to USA

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  1. Courtenay Barnett skriver:


    Generally I am in agreement with your point of view on issues. On this one concerning Assange, I question a bit:-

    1. Is it true to say that for 10 years WikiLeaks has not been proven inaccurate in any of its factual releases?
    2. How does the CIA and/or US government benefit from factually accurate exposure of American war crimes?
    3. Is it not true that via the ‘Panama Papers’ as released via WikiLeaks, both President Putin hidden money and that of President Moreno ( of Ecuador) were released into the public domain?
    4. Since, factually for 242 years the US has only seen merely 16 years of peace ( i.e. not being at war with any other country) – then viewed proportionately – would it not be logical that most of the exposures on ‘war crimes’ would relate to the misconduct of the US?
    5. Would you not call Chealsea Manning a brave person for having delivered to the public via WikiLeaks, 700,000 confidential US State Department and Pentagon documents, videos and diplomatic cables about the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; if not so – then can you say –why not?
    Just another point of view and here follows my more detailed analysis of the Assange situation ( always good to have another point of view):-

    P.S. note first the MSM clear bias against Assange, trying to paint him as a monster ( why so – when if the case goes against Assange then press freedoms will be curtailed?):_



    The arrest of Julian Assange is of special interest to me for three distinct reasons:-

    1. Along with my legal colleague, Lloyd Rodney ( activist like his famous cousin, Dr. Walter Rodney), I was arrested under British jurisdiction for publicly petitioning against incompetence and corruption within the judicial system. ( See: Footnote i) ).
    2. When my daughter was approaching her senior year in high school, the school had a practice of inviting parents to address the seniors to explain what the parent’s job, profession, vocation or career entailed and to give a talk on any subject of choice. My choice was the history of the First Amendment under the US Constitution and its origins dating back to the Glorious Revolution and the Bill of Rights 1688.
    3. As defence Attorney and a human rights activist I am acutely aware of the importance of legal protection for the right to speak via the media, both print and electronic, to bring public attention to matters of administrative, governmental and other official wrongdoings.

    So, I have followed Mr. Assange’s WikiLeaks endeavours and his challenges, pending trial and tribulations for years.

    Before I turn to the meat of the matter in this article, namely, what I term the Phase 111 stage of Assange’s ordeal – his arrest in London, I would have found it ironic, if not amusing, to note the somersaults of President Trump in his reactions to the WikiLeaks publications. But he is, the one and only, President Donald Trump ( if I have not come to understand him so well – I would otherwise be taking his every utterance – totally seriously). First, when candidate Trump, he simply adored WikiLeaks. It is noteworthy that the Department of Justice under the Obama administration thought it unwise to prosecute Assange, for reason of likely First Amendment infringements ( more anon on that legal aspect). Next, under the Trump administration there is an indictment and in London, the arrest of Julian Assange, on Thursday, the 11th day of April, 2019: Trump: ”I know nothing about WikiLeaks”. Now, for clarity’s sake, it helps to outline the phases that Assange might, or probably most likely shall pass through in the main:-

    Phase 1 – Accusations of rape against him by two Swedish women ( maybe to be revived).
    Phase 11 – His departure from Sweden to London and his long political asylum from 2012 in the
    Ecuadorian Embassy ended as of the 11th day of April, 2019.
    Phase 111 – His arrest and arraignment within the British justice system.
    Phase 1V – Extradition proceedings to a final decision under British justice.
    Phase V – An anticipated pre-determined extradition to the United States of America; and
    Phase VI – A further anticipated overloading of the existing US indictment and a long prison sentence.
    N.B. see: conclusion for specific explanation of this Phase V1 legal aspect.

    It is Phase 111 that our attention is here directed to.

    Phase 111

    The arrest and the arraignment can be viewed under two discrete headings:-

    Arrest: Already considered in relation to the breach of the UK Bail Act ( see:
    http://blog.effectivelearning.net/julian-assange-revisited/ ).

    Arraignment: This is where in relation to the US indictment the charge is put to Mr. Assange in the dock, for his to plea “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”. Then, the proceedings shall grind on, there having been a “Not Guilty” plea.

    The indictment and the Judge, Michael Snow, hearing the plea, are worthy of special comment.

    District Judge Michael Snow: Assange had said nothing during his brief hearing of 15 minute and then the “Not guilty” plea and then the impartial Judge says – “His assertion that he has not had a fair hearing is laughable. And his behaviour is that of a narcissist who cannot get beyond his own selfish interests.”

    N.B. Need I say more as regards impartiality?

    The indictment: It can be read in its entirety here (https://www.justice.gov/usao-edva/press-release/file/1153481/download).

    The US Government has laid one count in the indictment amounting to a charge for computer hacking to obtain classified information.

    The indictment states that Chelsea Manning ( assumed then Bradley Manning) worked along with Assange ( ‘conspired’ to convey the true criminal allegation of the US Government against Assange) to hack into US government computers.

    So, contrary to US law, Assange is facing one count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion.

    The co-conspirator, Manning, was sentenced in the US and imprisoned, but had his/her prison sentence commuted by President Obama. Presently, Manning is back in prison, for reason of refusing to testify about and/or against WikiLeaks.

    Do I believe that if extradited the US Government will add more charges? Answer provided in the Conclusion below.


    Above is stated the facts anticipated to unfold within the existing legal framework and/or frameworks of justice systems, if Assange is extradited to face US justice.

    Now, my concerns which I wish to share.

    Compromise and/or intimidation of freedom of expression/speech and of the press: This specifies my greatest fear and concern, not just for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, but for newspapers, writers, journalists, editors, activists, authors, online and hard copy publishers all the way across the board and right down to street corner activists across the world. The Assange case has the quite serious and real potential of sending a resoundingly bad message across the world – depending on what the UK Court’s decision ultimately is. “Bad message” admittedly from my perspective and mind-set; “good message” if state wrongdoing is deemed more important to be protected, such as war crimes ( see: this video
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rXPrfnU3G0 ) over truth telling to citizens.

    Paragraph 9 of the indictment is stating that it was Manning who hacked into the computer. The charge to be proved is related to these considerations:-

    i) What evidence is there of direct assistance by Assange ( i.e. beyond mere encouragement and/or stated intent – the actus rea of Assange)?
    ii) Is it that a ‘long-reach’ US statute, where Assange did nothing directly in the US ( i.e. within and directly under its jurisdiction) – but, as alleged, by an extension from Manning – is that how a cohate crime is to be established?
    iii) So Manning through Assange, accessed the Linux operating system, which cracked the password and Manning accessed and Assange published. Is that the publication/journalistic crime?

    Question: How were the ‘Pentagon Papers’ obtained ( legally or illegally) to be published as a public service to expose the governmental wrongdoings under the Nixon administration?

    Question: Is what is termed ‘national-defense’ in the US more or less important than ensuring that the Government itself is not in breach of the law? For, if there was no breach of the law governing us all under the ‘Rule of Law’, then there would be no embarrassment and/or need to be overly concerned – correct? To be fair, maybe spies names are discovered by such exposure, but that is not the actual gravamen of the Assange case as alleged – is it? It is fundamentally that US war-crimes and torture of Guantanamo Bay detainees, were fully exposed for the world to see. That seems to be Assange’s greatest ‘crime’ for which he, with the full force of the US government against him – shall pay for – correct?

    Paragraph 16 of the indictment reads:-


    “16. The primary purpose of the conspiracy was to facilitate Manning’s acquisition and transmission of classified information related to the national defense of the United States so that WikiLeaks could publicly disseminate the information on its website.”

    Cf. For the sake of historical record, do recall, “The Pentagon Papers, officially titled United States-Vietnam Relations, 1945-1967: A Study Prepared by the Department of Defense, were first released on the front page of the New York Times in 1971. These papers were released by Daniel Ellsberg, an American activist and former U.S. military analyst.”

    I am old enough to recall the foregoing events. I can safely say that the publication of the Pentagon Papers had a monumental impact on the views of the American people based upon the words of their Government, which had lied to them. Further, having especial regard for the fact that, from President Truman all the way to Nixon, administration after administration had lied to the American people about the depth of the US involvement in the Vietnam War, national shock waves rebounded.

    The New York Times had started publication of the papers and then the Nixon administration obtained an injunction. The Court however ruled ultimately in the case of New York Times. Co. v. United States that the Times was free to publish.

    By comparison – is Assange really doing much more than ( by reference to the US case of the Pentagon Papers – simply – exposing and stating the truth in a similar way – albeit – electronically and via more effectively updated form)?

    Legal question

    At paragraph 25 of the indictment, it is confirmed that Assange said to Manning about the cracking of the code, “ no luck so far”.

    I don’t get it; did Assange assist Manning in a conclusive and choate manner to hack into the US Government’s computer ( based on how the indictment is framed)?

    Or, is this a charge for an ‘inchoate crime’?

    So, I ask the questions above because since the single charge relates to Assange trying to assist and ending up unsuccessful in his effort – is this analogous to ‘attempted murder’ ( e.g. he ‘attempted computer intrusion’)?


    The legal turf upon which the Assange case will be fought in England, is the area separating the solicitation of matters of journalistic interest versus commission of a crime by way of obtaining ‘official secrets’ ( as termed under British law)/ ‘national security’ classified information under US law.

    In the US, if Assange is extradited, the legal contest shall be framed as Frist Amendment rights versus privacy.

    In response to the obtaining of secret government information, the courts in England and the US have generally lent on the side of ‘public interest’ and the public’s right to know over strict privacy.

    In this case the US Government is trying to delineate between maintaining and ostensibly upholding the journalistic right to investigate and know and make public – versus – not being seen to be curtailing and/or infringing upon that right; hence the indictment’s embrace of ‘conspiracy’ to again prise and delineate to say that Assange overstepped the legal line by encouraging Manning. A thin line indeed – yet to be determined under the law of Britain, which if there is a finding for extradition will unavoidably impinge upon the traditional areas of press freedom, inclusive of, but not limited to, the areas of sourcing, identity protection and secrecy of investigative communications.

    So, far as the evidence goes, there is an FBI’s Officer’s supporting affidavit:- https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5911143-Julian-Assange-Affidavit-December-2017.html

    From that evidence it appears that the US Government does not actually know whether or not Assange was successful in cracking the code , where the Officer states:-

    “Investigators have not recovered a response by Manning to Assange’s question, and there is no other evidence as to what Assange did, if anything, with respect to the password,” FBI agent Megan Brown said.

    So, without more concrete evidence, the case at present appears, in technical legal terms, to be one of reliance upon Assange’s offer to assist Manning as the constituent part of the ‘conspiracy’ to get to illegality under the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. So the wheel turns back to the Manning trial in the US for reliance on the same evidence that initially convicted Manning.

    On the question of additional charges being laid by the US, this can be noted. Additional charges may be added before Assange’s extradition is sought. Once extradition is effected, under treaty and by reference to the ‘rule of specialty’ then the U.S. cannot change the charge at a later date. So, if the US is to abide by the rules, then upon extradition, Assange could only be tried for the charge for which he is extradited.

    The Labour shadow Foreign Secretary, M.P. Diane Abbott, had this to say on the matter, “Julian Assange is not being pursued to protect U.S. national security; he’s being pursued because he has exposed wrongdoing by U.S. administrations and their military forces.”

    The Assange case is already of global importance, not least because, there already has been a favourable legal ruling by the:-
    Concerning “the institution of asylum in its different forms and to the legality of its recognition as a human right of every individual in accordance with the principle of equality and non­discrimination”

    Which, at the very least makes the legal opinion persuasive and informative to other international courts such as the European Court of Human Rights, of which the domestic court in England would have to be cognizant.

    Put in reverse, if a US journalist – or, even, US based journalist ( khashoggi immediately comes to mind) – were to report on the wrongdoings and illegalities within a foreign country, is it to be argued before a US court, upon an application from the foreign country that for so doing, the US journalist must be extradited to the offending foreign country? Stated at its simplest, this is the kind of ‘Alice in legal wonderland’ world that the Trump Administration’s extradition application for Assange is taking the US and the world into.

    The British Court may choose to act as a vassal state subservient to the interests of US foreign policy. Whatever is the perceived choice of the British Judges ( based on the example of District Judge, Michael Snow, to date) there nevertheless remains a real chance for credibility, rationality, integrity and most of all honesty, decency and independence to prevail and shine in a case such as this. There is, to my legal mind, but one core question to be answered:-

    “ Is it a crime to expose crimes already committed?”

    That is the question.

    The British Court shall in due time inform of precisely what is the extraditable offence and how so in point of existing law and under established journalistic practice.

    Footnote i) : It should be noted, by reference to the issues at hand, that the UK has dropped eleven places from 29/180 in 2013 to 40/180 in 2018 in ‘Reporters Without Borders’ World Press Freedom Index’; it is now ranked in between Trinidad and Tobago and Burkina Faso.

    The racist roots of UK colonial legal provisions were directed against myself and Attorney Lloyd Rodney to arrest us for having ‘scandalised’ the court; an archaic and obsolete legal provision of which it was said in 1899:-

    “ Committals for contempt of Court by scandalising the Court itself have become obsolete in this country. Courts are contented to leave to public opinion attacks or comments derogatory or scandalous to them.”
    Case: McLeod v. St. Aubyn [1899] Appeal Cases page 549 at page 561. Per. Lord Morris

    Question: So, why was I arrested; and- why was Rodney imprisoned?

    Answer: And here comes the express administrative racism in answer, that was directed against the
    contemptnor in 1899 as it was a century later against Rodney and myself:-

    “ But, it must be considered that in small colonies, consisting principally of coloured
    populations, the enforcement in proper cases of committal for contempt of Court for attacks
    on the Court may be absolutely necessary to preserve in such a community the dignity of and
    respect for the Court.” Per. Lord Morris.

    Question: So Rodney is imprisoned for speaking truthfully; Assange finds himself speaking truthfully –
    and so – by parity of reasoning, in his ( Assange’s community of investigative journalists) –
    it becomes “absolutely necessary to preserve in such a community the dignity of and
    respect for the Court.” ( i.e. substitute there for the word “Court” the word “Country” – and
    place before the word “community” – “global community” – and the same sentiments and
    words thus expressed – echo through the ages – and do they not become – colonialism and
    Empire on the march? :-

    “ … absolutely necessary to preserve in such a global community the dignity of and
    respect for the Country.”

    Conclusion: If the UK Courts continue to act as a supplicant to US foreign policy – the pride and vanity
    of both nations ( shamelessly of the UK Court(s) if that were to be the result) shall
    presage really bad times for both countries and the world.

    ( see: attached UN affiliated report on the events above referenced).

    Footnote ii) : In consequence of the events reported internationally about the imprisonment of Attorney Lloyd Rodney, I sued on his behalf in two distinct actions, one for the shackling to his hospital bed, at a time after Amnesty International had directed that the British Government release him unconditionally; then I sued for the unlawful arrest. The first case was won and to avoid the further embarrassment, Her Majesty’s Government did ensure that Rodney received in full over US$200,000 compensation.

    * COURTENAY BARNETT is a graduate of London University. His areas of study were economics, political science and international law. He has been a practising lawyer for over thirty years, has been arrested for defending his views, has been subjected to death threats, and has argued public interest and human rights cases. He lives and works in the Caribbean.


  2. Helena Palena skriver:

    Barnett! We are not suppose to see the picture. That is why the tangle! I will read your comment later. Short of time now. Meanwhile look at this:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  3. Courtenay Barnett skriver:


  4. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    Winston Churchill förstörde det Brittiska imperiet.
    Napoleon var också frimurare.
    Ron Paul signalerar frimurarecken och säger att den officiella beskrivningen av 911 stämmer.
    Stalin gör frimurartecken identiskt med Napoleon, ena handen instucken i kappan.
    Courtney gör misstaget att se logiken och det utifrån misstaget att alla människor är goda.
    Men frimurarna har djävulen som Gud och då gäller en annan logik.
    Jag tror att även Ryssland styrs av frimurare.
    Så vad blir logiken i att bägge sidor rustar med kärnvapen?
    Är det inte uppenbart att frimurarna som har djävulen till gud och även på sin agenda har att mycket kraftigt begränsa jordens befolkning, till 10% av den nuvarande?
    Assange är en distraktion där han framställs som den goda mot det onda.
    Vi är dessvärre grundlurade!
    Alla amerikanska presidenter efter Kennedy var frimurare, Kennedy blev mördad när han bestämde att USA skulle trycka sina egna pengar.
    De har världen i ett järngrepp.
    Här gör Duterte och Trump en frimursahälsning.
    Fullständigt ologiskt det som står i attikeln om man vet vilka som ligger bskom drogförsörjningen sedan hundratals år.
    Indien odlade droger och när kineserna försökte slänga ut de som låg bakom kom engelska flottan till Kins och betvingade dem med kanoner.
    I Afganistan fanns ingen opiumodling när talibanerna hade makten.
    Nu när USA med bl. a Sverige som medhjälpare tagit över Afganistan är odlingen i full swing igen.
    CIA är inblandade i detta och administrerar knarksmuggling till USA.
    Det är inte några goda människor utan de som har djävulen till gud som ligger bakom.
    Massinvandringen till Europa…
    Jag förmodar att Brage vet mycket i detta ämne.


  5. Andersson skriver:

    Naturligtvis är Assange en bluff och CIA-lakej. Det som är typiskt för dessa falska lakejer är att de frivilligt spenderar sju år inspärrade i en liten ambassadbyggnad. Vad är sju år av ens liv om man kan åka lite skejtboard?


  6. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    Winston Churchill förstörde det Brittiska imperiet.
    Istället blev det bastarderna i USA som fortsätter att förstöra jorden.
    Gentlemannen i videon, David Irwing berättar.
    Behärskar ni engelska så lyssna, det kommer att förändra er världsbild förståss.


  7. Brage Norin skriver:


    + INDIEN – 1 350 miljoner
    Hinduism (1 080 miljoner)
    Islam (192 miljoner)
    Kristendom (31 miljoner)

    + PAKISTAN – 200 miljoner
    Islam (192 miljoner)
    Hinduism (4 miljoner)
    Kristendom (3 miljoner)

    + BANGLADESH – 170 miljoner
    Islam (152 miljoner)
    Hinduism (16 miljoner)
    Kristendom (0,7 miljoner)

    INDIEN, PAKISTAN OCH BANGLADESH – sammanlagt 1 720 miljoner
    1 100 miljoner hinduer
    536 miljoner muslimer
    35 miljoner kristna (varav 31 i Indien)

    Tänk om bara himlens portar står öppna för de kristna som trott på Jesus. Tänk vilket fasansfullt öde som väntar folken i Indien, Pakistan och Bangladesh. Nästan alla kommer att skållas i eviga tider i Gehenna – ett helvete där tiden står stilla. Vilken sanslös katastrof om detta budskap stämmer.

    När jag var ett barn (6 år?) blev jag döpt I Filadelfiakyrkan I Boden av pastor Carl Gyllroth. (Hans son Assar blev så småningom marknadschef för Dagen). Under barnaåren följde jag ofta min mor till ”möten”. Jag upplevde det som att jag växte upp i denna församling. Men redan som barn kände jag på mig att någonting i budskapet var galet. Jag plågades ständigt av religiösa frågeställningar som jag aldrig fick besvarade. Vad händer med alla som tror på ”fel” Gud? Denna fråga grunnade jag ständigt och jämnt på under barnaåren.

    Många av församlingens medlemmar var mycket negativa till andra församlingar som Elimkyrkan, Frälsningsarmén och Jehovas vittnen. ”Vittnen” var närmast pestsmittade. Intoleransen var fruktansvärd. När jag äntligen lärt mig vissla – kanske jag var sju år – råkade jag vissla i ett litet bibliotek som fanns i Filadelfiakyrkans lokaler. Jag blev bryskt åthutad av en dam – ”inte får du åkalla djävulen i dessa lokaler” sa hon. Det glömmer jag aldrig.

    När en film ”Afrikas spindlar” visades på barnbio i Boden ville jag så gärna se filmen. Men min älskade moder förbjöd mig ”att sitta där bespottare sitter”. Detta gjorde mycket ont. Många sånger som sjöngs i församlingen var glada och fina medan några sånger var absolut olämpliga att sjunga inför känsliga barn. När församlingen sjöng med tordönsröst ”Var är mitt vilsna barn i kväll – o var är mitt barn i kväll …” blev jag skräckslagen. När jag läste boken ”Evy och Ragnar i Afrika” dog jag av skräck. När jag fyllt 11 år fick jag nog. Jag blev äntligen befriad. Oj så skönt det kändes.

    Några år senare vägrade jag att låta mig konfirmeras. När jag blev stor och tog min examen i teoretisk fysik vägrade jag att ta emot doktorshatten i Umeå kyrka. Jag är således en doktor utan hatt – vilket jag är stolt över. Jag har med åren blivit allergisk mot alla former av religiös inskränkthet.

    Låt oss fråga en av de mest visa människorna i Indiens moderna historia – Mahatma Gandhi. Han fick frågan om han var hindu. Han svarade – “Yes I am, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew.” Hans svar blev ett bevingat ordspråk. Gandhis Gud är den mystiska gåtfulla kraft som skapat allt – den gudomliga urkraft som alla religioner tror på. Vilket fantastiskt svar.

    All äkta konst och all stor musik återspeglar sin tid. Alla religioner och alla religiösa ritualer har sina rötter i olika tänkesätt, sedvänjor och kulturer. Religionerna speglar sina olika tidsåldrar. Den som inte känner djup respekt för människans religioner är inte ”upplyft”. Jag studsar inför personer som smyger in hat mot andra människors religiösa tro. Jag mår mycket illa av all ”religiös” intolerans och inskränkthet. Alla religioner är naturligtvis ett uttryck för människans eviga längtan efter en högre mening med livet. Den mänskliga kärleken som vi alla bär inom oss längtar alltid efter Gud.

    Ondskan gömmer sig nästan alltid i religiös skrud. Att döda i Guds namn var kejsarens viktigaste önskan. Det romerska krigarimperiet behövde ett andligt svärd och därför införde den katolska kyrkan begreppet ”dödssynderna”. Påven beslutade att lyfta fram de allra viktigaste synderna. Där finns inte budordet – ”du skall icke dräpa” med. Detta budord behagade nämligen inte kejsaren.

    Världens största Buddastatyer i Afghanistan – The Bamiyan Buddhas – sköts i smulor av onda demoner som gömde sig i Islamsk skrud. Den sataniska handlingen var naturligtvis planerad av Mordors rike i väster. Detta är den nakna sanningen inför Gud.

    De bevarade ruinerna av Babylon och dess tillhörande bibliotek i Irak plundrades och vandaliserades av “US Marine”-trupper år 2003. Stöldgodset inbringade stora summor av blodsdollar till CIA.

    Palmyra I Syrien förstördes av andra mänskliga djävlar som gömde sig bakom islamsk skrud. Återigen organiserades och finansierades den bestialiska attacken av ”Western-intelligence”.

    ”Jag ska piska er med terror till dess att ni vaknar upp” – viskade den gamle – der Alte – till svar. ”Jag kom inte med fred och välstånd – jag kom med krig och svärd. Jag bestraffade er med fri vilja. Ni har fritt att välja mellan gott och ont. Vägen, sanningen och livet – följ den vägen”.
    Det svaret glömmer jag aldrig.

    Brage Norin – Skogså Tankesmedja.


  8. hllviken skriver:

    ⁉️⁉️❗️Mer mysko


  9. Helena Palena skriver:

    Mysko! Skulle inte tro det. Vad hände på Drottninggatan. Jo, de övade två dagar innan det small. Allt är uppgjort. Och det här med Notre Dame i hennes glas. Så infernaliskt är det. Folk som förstår lever farligt.


  10. Helena Palena skriver:

    Brage! Det är kamp om själarna! Men satanisterna själva har ingen gud. Jo, Solen! De dyrkar solen men vi ska inget veta. Så vem vinner in the end för massan är lätt att dupera. Men var hamnar en sån som påven tro? I himlen eller i den eviga skärselden?
    1 100 miljoner hinduer
    536 miljoner muslimer
    35 miljoner kristna (varav 31 i Indien)


  11. Helena Palena skriver:

    Ja! Men han Assange var nog inte så instängd. De hämtade honom så han fick festa lite mellan varven. Allt är teater.


  12. Helena Palena skriver:

    Björn! När militärerna står i opiumfälten med dragna vapen så sägs att deras närvaro i Afghanistan är till för att flickorna också ska få gå i skolan. Jo, kyss mig. Det handlar bara om pengar till CIA.

    Gillad av 2 personer

  13. Helena Palena skriver:

    Barnett! Your comment is very long. Like we are in a courtroom. ”How does the CIA and/or US government benefit from factually accurate exposure of American war crimes?” CIA is not America. The deep state runs it all and they do not give a shit if the state gets hurt. They are playing out everyone to each other so no one besides the choosen ones shall understand what is going on. The only thing we need to know is who is running the central bank system BIS (and in that IMF and FED). I think I have told you about this book before. There is a lot of good authors who has written about this. But Ellens book is very schematic of the procedure over how the banksters took control of it all. Look at the net over the globe. Soon we are all suffocating for good. Only the elite remains plus some slaves they can parasite on.
    One again: Stydy the Georgia Guidestones.

    Ellen Brown, född 15 september 1945 i Pleasanton är en amerikansk advokat, författare och penningreformist. Tidigare skrev hon mest om alternativmedicin, men från mitten av 2000-talet har hon gått in helt för penningreform. Detta inledde hon med boken Bankerna och skuldnätet, vars första upplaga kom ut 2007. Wikipedia
    Född: 15 september 1945 (ålder 73 år), Pleasanton, Kalifornien, USA

    Gillad av 2 personer

  14. hllviken skriver:

    🐰 🐣 🐥 Angående antal troende i olika religioner –

    kristna, hinduer och buddister är snälla så det ser inte helt katastrofalt ut.


  15. Helena Palena skriver:

    Shattered glass comes together! Kommentar under Makows inlägg:
    George said (April 14, 2019):

    Brabantian’s analysis of Assange puts everything else I have seen in the shade. Congratulations to him for writing it, and to you for providing a platform.

    Absolutely the most obvious interpretation of the Assange phenomenon is that he was bait for people who thought their grievances could be brought into public recognition by being passed on to Wikileaks. There has been a very clear threat from the perpetrators of 9/11 that there will be no trials for whistle-blowers. Anyone naive enough to believe that the System can tolerate exposure of itself through the courts does not understand how courts are paid by the System and maintain the System. American courts are no different in that respect from the role of the courts in every other country.


  16. Courtenay Barnett skriver:

    In reply to you:-
    1. “CIA is not America”
    Answer: My point here is that there is a distinction between the Congress and the CIA as an agency within the US Government). In theory – the Congress should have oversight over all branches of Government, and Governmental agencies ( inclusive of the CIA). Then the Court(s) become ultimate arbiter up to the Supreme Court. Yes – that is the theory, but in practice certain things don’t get truly scrutinsed and so continue with their bad behaviours ( e.g. the ‘Defence budget’ continues to balloon year after year and so the deficit increases; the CIA is hardly truly accountable etc.).

    2. “The Banks and Debt Network”
    Answer: From what I said at 1 above, we are in agreement. The banks have a significant hold on politics (e.g. Obama may have wanted to do FDR type reforms once elected; the financial system would not allow him – so he found it necessary to re-finance the Casino called ‘Wall Street’). Brown is on to some home-truths.
    To my mind an economy cannot survive forever on ‘fiat money’. Money should be an actual reflection of true value in gold, production and/or goods and services. That is not happening in the US, because they are endlessly printing money and holding the world to ransom to trade commodities in US dollars – but are also shrinking their real economy while exporting inflation. Not a pretty picture.
    So we agree.
    What the power elite does; we can only set out to interpret and explain the harm that they do and how it is done. That is what Brown does; you do; and I try to do. So far as Assange and the law goes – if his situation is to be understood under the law, there is a need to tease out the details – for that is how legal systems work. The US will be placing political pressure on the British Government ( Trump Administration) to hand him over; however, sometimes Judges and Courts surprise and do the right thing and show real independence.
    It will be interesting to see what process of reasoning the British Court uses if ultimately they agree that he should be extradited.
    Over and out.


  17. hllviken skriver:

    Förebådade denna film det nedfallande tornet på Notre Dame?


  18. Det ska tydligen finnas tecken i Game Of Thrones också. Enligt Adam Green på Know More News på YouTube. Fast där är det drakar som startar elden men det påminner också om NOtre Dame. Predicitive programming kallas det.


  19. Brage Norin skriver:


    + USA:s agentnät i Nordkorea utplånades hösten 2017. Hela Asien skakade till.
    + USA:s 16-åriga krig i Afghanistan slutar i ett förödande amerikanskt nederlag.
    + USA:s gigantiska ansträngning att krossa Syriens regim har misslyckats totalt.
    + USA:s bestialiska massmord i Irak ha slutat i en moralisk jättekatastrof.
    + USA:s plan att omvandla Libyen till en vasallstat har slutat i ett fiasko.
    + USA:s politik i Libanon är ännu ett grymt politiskt misslyckande.
    + USA:s försök till statskupp i Turkiet gick käpprätt åt helvetet.
    + USA:s försök att bli kvitt Mohammed bin Salman blev nästa storfiasko.
    + USA har på nolltid förlorat två nyckelallierade – Saudiarabien och Turkiet. .

    + USA har påskyndat ”en strategisk allians av Guds nåde” – Kina och Ryssland
    + USA har krossat ”den transatlantiska alliansen” – alliansen mellan USA och EU.
    + USA har på några få år förlorat nästan hela sitt politiska inflytande i Afrika.
    + Många rapporter visar att förtroendet för USA har skadats svårt i hela världen.

    + Egypten hotas med sanktioner om landet köper ryska stridsflygplan.
    + Den franska flygplanstillverkaren – jätteföretaget Airbus – hotas av stämningar.
    + Skräcklarm om Boeings otroliga nonchalans mot flygsäkerheten skakar världen.
    + Europas ledande energibolag hotas gång på gång på grund av Nord Stream 2.
    + Den tyska bilindustrin hotas ständigt och jämnt av amerikanska handelstullar.
    + USA trycker nya bergskedjor av dollar UTAN att finna köpare för US-bonds!!!

    USA drar sig tillbaka. Målet är en militärdiktatur i USA. Det är ju därför som handelsavtal, militära nedrustningsavtal, säkerhetspolitiska avtal, avtal som reglerar frekvensfördelningar i eterrymden, urgamla internationella avtal som rör posttrafiken i världen – rubb och stubb sägs upp.

    Vi bevittnar den finala akten i ”Imperiets svanesång”. Vi skådar dödsryckningarna hos det amerikanska krigarimperiet. Själva imperiet har i praktiken redan rasat samman. Frågan om vad som händer med USA återstår att se.

    Kommer världens mest kända freds- och konfliktforskare professor Johan Galtung att få rätt ännu en gång? Han förutspår att krigarimperiets kollaps blir en upprepning av det Spanska imperiets sammanbrott. Efter ett blodigt inbördeskrig övergår USA till en tyst och brutal diktatur.

    En helt ny tidsålder är på väg. Vad som än händer är vi på väg mot världsfred. En värld i fred är en underbar värld jämfört med en värld i krigstillstånd. Jubla och var glad. Även om födslovåndorna blir svåra är framtiden mycket ljus. Även om terrorn kommer att piska oss ännu en stund syns fredens ljus redan i tunneln. Homo Sapiens har äntligen lärt sig sluta kriga.

    Det övergår mitt förstånd att någon människa kan hoppas på Trump. Varför ser så få det extremt snabba sönderfallet i USA? Varför förstår vi inte att USA tok-trycker luftpengar – fullt medvetna om att det ekonomiska systemet kraschar. USA styr medvetet mot ättestupan – The Fiscal Cliff. Naturligtvis förstår Wall Streets finansiella ”elit” att dollarns respirator snart kommer att stängas av. De kör vidare i full rulle tills systemet kraschar. Allt är ju så enastående övertydligt.

    Det militärindustriella komplexets mål, finanselitens mål, den israeliska lobbyns mål – alla har samma mål i sikte – en militärdiktatur i USA. Planen kommer emellertid inte att gå som maktens demoner hoppas på. De kommer att begå sitt sista STORA misstag.

    United States of America kommer att splittras. USA kommer att omvandlas till ett helvete på jorden. Det är i detta nationella nödläge som beslutet att sälja tillbaka Alaska till Ryssland fattas. En mycket sargad statsbildning reser sig så småningom ur askan. Dollarn överlever men förvandlas till en nationell valuta bland alla andra – typ Mexikanska pesos. Så kommer det att gå.

    Jag fattar inte varför inte fler lämnar USA innan det är för sent. Orkestern i Washington spelar för att ingjuta hopp. Det gjorde även orkestern på Titanic. In i det sista hoppas människorna. Kanske är det vår flockinstinkt som förlamar oss.

    Brage Norin – Skogså Tankesmedja.


  20. Helena Palena skriver:

    hllviken! Kolla också på det här. Jag har bara solen som religion. Jag är inte ensam. Själva dyrkar dom solen men vi i massan ska hålla till godo med sagor om Jesus o s v. När Busch fick meddelandet i skolsalen att tvillingtornen var träffade så visste han vad det hela handlade om. Han läste också I Pet Goat för barnen. Wow!


  21. Helena Palena skriver:

    Barnett! Good comment! Very good and spot on. Ten out of ten points! ”The US will be placing political pressure on the British Government ( Trump Administration) to hand him over; however, sometimes Judges and Courts surprise and do the right thing and show real independence.” If it is all theatre some will do the right thing but will be punished by the maffia system that rules anyway. We can not trust the law under the ruling system. Here comes some of Georges comment again: ”There has been a very clear threat from the perpetrators of 9/11 that there will be no trials for whistle-blowers. Anyone naive enough to believe that the System can tolerate exposure of itself through the courts does not understand how courts are paid by the System and maintain the System. American courts are no different in that respect from the role of the courts in every other country.”


  22. Courtenay Barnett skriver:


    Here is what Professor Richard Falk, a Professor of International law, makes of the oversight function of Congress and the role of WikiLeaks, in this insightful observation:-

    ” The WikiLeaks role is especially important in the war/peace context as war-mongering governments tend to exaggerate, if not lie, to mobilize public support. This vital dimension of republicanism, designed to distinguish the American political undertaking from monarchies where war was often regarded as ‘the sport of kings,’ was entrusted to Congress, the legislative branch of government most directly connected with the people. The modern security state has moved away from restraints on war making as Congress has virtually abandoned its initially vital constitutional role of authorizing recourse to war. To revitalize this kind of republican democracy requires new instruments of transparency and validation of truth telling public servants. Otherwise, as in the Trump era, democratic constitutionalism can succumb to pre-fascist demagoguery.”

    My comment ( above) at point one is along those lines.

    We can but live in hope until the day we die!


  23. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    Religion är tro Brage.
    Min religion säger mig att Notre Dam eldades upp av djävulen.
    Globalisterna eller påven samma skit.
    När det gäller religionen kristendom så gäller bibeln, inte vad den förbannade påvedjävulen säger!



  24. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    Pastor Anderson, jag har tittat på hans videor och inte hittat några fel.
    Visserligen säger han att byggnaderna 1 och två föll pga flygplan vilket inte är korrekt men han menar att det inte spelar nån roll eftersom byggnad 7 ändå bevisar sprängning.


  25. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    Nu kommer vi snart att hamna bakom lås o bom i det svenska Gulagsystemet, vi som skriver här!
    Det räcker att kritisera en politiker.


  26. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    En video om CIA, s narkotikamanöver i Afganistan.
    Sverige hjälpte till, svenska liv och skattemiljoner gick till knarkodling.
    Hur utomordentligt ruttet.
    Återinför dödsstraff å det snaraste.
    Eller det kanske är för lindrigt?


  27. educaremm skriver:

    – Att vara eller inte vara, det är det som är frågan – …?

    Läs mer (https://educaremm.wordpress.com/ )



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