Deep state i total panik! Trump: The Storm is upon us!

Donald John Trump, född 14 juni 1946 i New York. 

Djupa staten är i total panik och Trump håller i korten för han är fortfarande president!

Om man är av den sorten som läser MSM så tror man att Joe Biden kommer att sväras in som nästa president efter Trump! Expressen skrev att Trump städar ut sig ur Vita Huset med en bild på att hans Lincolnbyst kånkades ut. Men om man håller koll och läser på andra ställen så blir det nog inte så. Och här kommer lite skvaller från vad Melania Trump – First Lady – inte har gjort! Ganska betecknande om det blir som jag och andra tror: Trump sitter kvar.

Lyssna på Gene Laratonda som fått info från en aircraft pilot!
Kommande söndag eller måndag kommer Trump att sända ett budskap under Martial Law: My Fellow Americans! The Storm is upon us! Och det kommer att sändas på Emergency Broadcast System – EBS. Trump kommer att sända sju presidential messages.
Folk kommer att bli uppmanade att till hundra procent stanna inomhus för att dom ska kunna ta del av presidentens budskap på denna kanal eftersom MSM och internet kommer att släckas ner. Den militära tribunalen kommer att sända tre timmar långa förhör med de skyldiga och det kommer att pågå under tio dagar. Presidenten säger att det kommer att bli smärtsamt men folk kan inte längre vara uppdelade. No longer be divided!

De kommer bli globala arresteringar. Amerikaner och andra som varit med i kuppen mot Trump och republiken USA kommer ställas till ansvar för sin medverkan.

Natural News) The Situation Update for Jan. 15th, 2021 covers five key breaking stories, all with “bombshell” implications for world events:

Capitol raid official narrative collapse; CNN complicit in the staged event, radical Leftist arrested, FBI admits Trump didn’t cause the riot.
Declassification now under way as Trump announces release of “foot-high” stack of documents exposing the criminals of the Obama administration. (Total panic in DC now under way…)
Project Veritas exposes Twitter’s Jack Dorsey in a video announcing plans for expanded, long-term censorship of conservatives.
FBI now trolling for scapegoats by calling and visiting gun rights people, hoping to find someone stupid enough to get wrangled into playing a role in the FBI’s false flag theatrical events (staged raids on capitol buildings).
Long Beach Port / ship delays caused in part by US Coast Guard searching for weapons being brought in from China as part of China’s staging for war against the United States.
Trump’s “declass” bombshell is part of the exposure of the corrupt, criminal cabal that currently runs America. Joe Biden may even be implicated, and it’s certain that Chief Justice Roberts will be named in some of the documents, as he signed the illegal FISA warrants.

The deep state is in a total panic, and this is why they were desperately trying to remove Trump from office with a drive-by impeachment following a staged false flag attack on the capitol.

But Trump still holds all the cards, and he’s still President for five more days.

Here are the highlights for today’s Situation Update:

Long-time contact expresses skepticism toward Steve Pieczenik’s promised claim that Trump would be sworn in next week. Pieczenik described as a super high-IQ battlefield manipulator. Who’s right? We’ll know soon…
Watch out for the “confirmation bias” trap in your own beliefs.
Conservative MP calls for nationwide rollout of vitamin D tablets, a Spanish region saw an 82% drop in covid deaths after handing out vitamin D.
Trump taking more executive action to sever ties between corrupt lawmakers and Chinese-affiliated companies.
Dirty bomb threat for America may explain Trump’s delay in taking action… have they found all the bombs yet?
The FBI, Antifa and CNN are all conspiring to create a huge number of false flag shootings at state capitols in the coming week. It’s all theater.
Angela Merkel to step down as German chancellor in 2021 … – BBC and The Economist
Dutch government weighs possible resignation… – Reuters
Estonia’s PM resigns over corruption probe on his party – ABC News
Italy Government on Verge of Collapse as Renzi Party Quits – Bloomberg
Global financial collapse is rapidly approaching. UK government broke. China broke. US blowing out massive debt bubble.
Oxygen shortage in Brazil… makes no sense since the atmosphere is nearly 20% oxygen.
BLM activist charged for instigating many elements of the capitol riot on Jan. 6th.
CNN promoted that same activist (Sullivan) as a “journalist” when he was actually complicit in the violence.
CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrated the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering, “We did it!” … CNN was in on the entire thing, staging it just like elements of Sandy Hook which used “crisis actors” posing as parents or snipers.
John Solomon reports on Lou Dobbs that Trump ordered declass of intelligence docs from Obamagate.
From JustTheNews: “A bombshell revelation in the remaining FBI documents on Russia collusion shows that the entire narrative was created and leaked to the news media to neutralize Hillary Clinton’s concern that her email scandal hadn’t gone away.”
Former military personnel warn: 75,000 Chinese troop in Canada, 175,000 in Mexico, preparing to invade the USA. But US forces will destroy them quickly.
US military has long had proof of China’s bioweapons attack and now cyber attack on the USA.
“We are in a full blown Military Operation right now to remove the threats and install our President back in power and control the violence in the big cities.”
Most actions won’t be evident until the very last minute, perhaps the 19th or the 20th.
Discussion of whether we are all being played by an elaborate psyop, or whether there really is a military coup under way against the deep state.
Mexican President announces he will lead effort to halt Big Tech censorship.
US Navy + US Coast Guard involved in searching ships off the LA / Long Beach Harbor for weapons from China, contributing to long delays for port access.
How the FBI tricks stupid people into being their scapegoats for false flag ops. FBI agents are medium IQ, but most of the people they target are super low IQ. So the FBI ends up thinking they’re really smart because they often have an IQ advantage over morons.
The absurdity of claiming people who breached the capitol building used Parler. They also bought cars from Ford. Should Ford be deplatformed?
Texas AG announces investigation into Big Tech for censorship.
Headline: Norwegian Medicines Agency links 13 deaths to vaccine side effects. Those who died were frail and old.
Covid vaccines confirmed as depopulation “euthanasia” shots for the elderly.
Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce pushing for “vaccine credentials” which they claim will “empower” people to “return to life.”


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31 kommentarer till Deep state i total panik! Trump: The Storm is upon us!

  1. Courtenay Barnett skriver:


    I predict and wager that what you have posted simply won’t happen and I shall say why.

    When a coup takes place – a significant part of the population upon which the coup is dependent for success is the military ( i.e. be that army, navy and/or airforce). Living in the Caribbean and observing events in America as I do, I believe myself realistic in saying:-
    A. While there is a significant section of the US population which feels disgruntled and economically displaced ( mainly within the poor White community) – they in consequence see Trump as some sort of saviour. However, Trump cannot seriously be seen to be much more than a self-serving, Narcisistic and basically greedy individual preoccupied with himself and his family’s interest first and last.

    B. The armed forces are far more inclined to uphold the American Constitution than overthrow it.

    C. Rational people across the world ask questions such as:-
    i) Where is the evidence that the election was stolen?
    ii) When Trump’s personal Attorney, Rudi Giuliani, announced to the world
    that he was heading to court to prove that the election was fraudulent –
    then why when asked by the Judge if his case was based on an allegation of
    fraud – he answered ”no”? I know the answer to the question and it is that
    there are punitive sanctions in the US court system for bringing frivolous
    or fabricated cases. Giuliani, as a lawyer, was protecting himself from court
    iii) Since quite a number of the Judges who sat to hear several of the election
    cases filed were Republican appointed Judges – then why would Judges,
    basically sympathetic to the Republican party have thrown out of court all
    the cases?
    iv) Is it more – or less – likely that those in the armed forces pledged to uphold
    the US Constitution are likely to accept the narrative that Joe Biden’s
    election is unconstitutional or constitutional? Of course the answer to this
    question will determine whether or not the Trump narrative published in
    the article above is supported by the facts in reality – or whether the
    American people prefer the alternative of installation of an undemocratic

    I understand the basis for the narrative in the article, as does a person such
    as Steve Banon ( Trump’s former advisor). One thing I must give Trump
    congratulations on is his ability to read into the mood of disgruntlement and
    dissatisfaction amongst many White Americans and then plug into those

    I am old enough to recall the overthrow of the democratically elected leader
    of Chile, Salvador Allende, and the installation of a military dictatorship
    warmly embraced by the UK’s PM Margaret Thatcher and US President
    Ronald Reagan. Life under Pinochet in Chile was not a bed of roses – as many
    people were tortured, there were multitudes of human rights abuses and
    several extra-judicial killings. Is this what you desire America to turn into?

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  2. Helena Palena skriver:

    CB! ”The armed forces are far more inclined to uphold the American Constitution than overthrow it.”
    Trump will not overthrow the constitution. He vill defend and honour it.

    ”Where is the evidence that the election was stolen?” The evidence of media being under the cabal is that they have not written about the fraud going on in the US. You have to dig yourself. Google Leonardo, Dominion and Italy and the Vatican state. Or go to Peter Krabbes blog. He summarises in an excellen way!

    You just do not like Trump. Then it is hard to take to you all the good he has done. It is a long list which media choose to not write about in the hate choir against him.

    He has not taking out any salary for his work. He has not started any war. Compare that to the junkie Obama who started seven in the Middle East. Not to mention all the drones Obama sent out to kill innocent people.I think you have som lessons to do. You have to update yourself what the cabal is and what they have done to the world. First thing is to follow edrägerierna har kommit ut.

    P.S. Evidence of the fraud is out through John Durhams and Radcliffes investigations. Why do not media blow it up? Because CNN & Co are in on the fraud. D.S.


  3. Helena Palena skriver:

    CB! This is a long video but here you get it all! So go down the rabbit hole! 🙂

    The fall of the Cabal!


  4. Courtenay Barnett skriver:


    My position and perspectives are definitely different than yours on Trump.

    For example, it is a fact that when people marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, they shouted racist anti-Jewish remarks and said ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘Heil Trump’. Well, I have never seen Adolph Hitler as a good and/or desirable leader; maybe you do? I even wrote and published about the march ( see below).
    You say, ” which media choose to not write about in the hate choir against him” I guess by Trump openly endorsing and embracing the support of racists – then that is not a display of Trump’s racism?

    Accepted that he did not start a new war – which is a good thing. Yet, where is this long list of his other accomplishments?
    Because I have expressed myself against myriad of failings, does not in a binary way automatically does not mean that I do not see several failings in other US presidents – nor that I have no deep concerns about US militarism.


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  5. Courtenay Barnett skriver:


    In a mature and realistic manner – here is an analysis about the very issues we have just exchanged views and I am on the side of what Greenwald is saying:-

    Gillad av 1 person

  6. Helena Palena skriver:

    CB! Antifa did it! Always! They get money from Soros! Please look at the Fall of the Cabal!
    CNN was in on it! The Police opened the door for the huligans!

    CNNs Jade Sacker: “We did it!”


  7. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    One side against the other, concour and divide, same as in Sweden and most other countries!
    What we need is one leader that is responsible for his country.
    And it is necessary that this person is not the offspring of a Rothshield or any jew.
    What they make in Israel is totally their business.
    ( I have been in Israel and I will not ho there again.
    They were all very low toned people.)
    They have been succesfull to divide Courtny and Helena too.
    It is important to understand that they financed Hitler, the Sovjet union as well as the United States of Amerika.
    If you want to inform yourself in this behavior read the book ”Under skorpionens tecken” written by Juri Lina!


  8. Courtenay Barnett skriver:

    I am actually not in a fight with Helena. I am simply trying to view, consider and interpret reality.

    I think that I still can stand on common ground with Helena – which is why I asked specific questions which yet have to be answered. Notwithstanding – here is an explanation which I think makes a lot of sense:-

    Gillad av 1 person

  9. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    But democracy is to divide and concour!
    Who owns the Swedish newspapers regardless if it is right or left?
    Turning brother against brother and sister against sister.
    It is very obvious to me!
    I started my life to run a company but after 25 years I lost interest because of the union tried to divide my personell and make them an ememy with me.
    I sold the company and has since then worked alone.
    The man from the union by the way was a son of a priest!
    In Gävle there are two newspapers, Arbetarbladet and Gävle Dagblad.
    Right versus left…

    Gillad av 1 person

  10. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    The man on the video is a good example of divide and concour.
    As is Trump and Biden.
    That is the choice people have, one or the other.
    We say in Sweden, Pest eller kolera.
    In the Sovjetunion the state was run by jews.
    They were almost all jews.
    They put one man in their group to be able to tell the germans, look we have a goy, his name was Molotok, hammare, hammer translated.
    So at the moment as Sweden is totally destroyed and the country flooded with immigrants who gets money and houses at the expence of swedes, there is really nothing much to be done about it as long as the swedes do not understand who is behind what is happening.

    Gillad av 1 person

  11. Courtenay Barnett skriver:

    Two points:-
    1. The 25 years in business resonates with me – for I came out on top after 25 years – despite the challenges. My family history. So, I can relate to you on an economic level.

    2. I am not a racist and do not ‘race bait’. There are many valid criticisms to be made about the Apartheid state of Israel ( especially after the 2018 Jewish state law as was passed). However, on an individual level I do not condemn all people by reference to any ethnicity or religion.

    3. I am a survivor. My foreparents where – really – ‘Black survivors’ – but I do not bear any ill will to any of my fellow human beings – despite that horrendous history of the Caribbean.

    You do have a right to your feelings.

    That is my reply without any hatred.

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  12. Courtenay Barnett skriver:


    I guess that was 3 points which I made not only 2? 😊


  13. Helena Palena skriver:

    I really feel sad! It is all a play! Someone is director! Someone like to have us divided! Not united! Trump is also playing a role! So eat pop corn and study it all as it rolls out! Meanwhile you can look at this film. Is is very good. An excellent job! In the end she seems to have faith in Trump. But i hope he can save us! But can he?


  14. Pelle skriver:

    The New Normal Documentary by


  15. hllviken skriver:

    Är det fler än jag som ser sitt namn och mailadress när de är inne på denna blogg?


  16. hllviken skriver:

    Syns fortfarande på denna sida men ej under dagens nya artikel.


  17. Björn Sveninge skriver:

    I don’t make up something without knowing.
    There are many races and one of these have written the protocols of zion.
    The same race killed the tsar in Russia and took ower after him.
    They were jews!
    This is a historical fact it is not a subject for a discussion.
    When it comes to Sweden today I think this same race run the show called Riksdagen.
    This country is going to hell and it is not difficult to see who is the hidden hand behind the scenes.
    Now you try to tell me the sharkes are not dangerous because to warn of them is racist!
    We have now a lot of shootings, rape, murder etc that was not the case in passed times.
    Open your eyes to reality !

    Gillad av 1 person

  18. Helena Palena skriver:

    hllviken! Märkligt!Men inget som jag kan påverka. Måste blivit en bugg i systemet.


  19. Helena Palena skriver:

    hllviken! Jag ser inte din mejl i kommentarsfältet. Ingens annan heller. Men jag kunde redigera din kommentar och då tog jag bort din mejl.
    Och hur kan du veta att din mejl syns i mitt sista inlägg när du inte har kommenterat där?


  20. Helena Palena skriver:

    Är slaget förlorat? Kanske inte!

    Anders Sjögren: Biden vet att han inte är president, eftersom militären tagit över, därav belägringen av Washington. Den riktiga presidenten presenteras när utredningen om valfusket presenteras i mars månad. Ha hopp allihop. Biden är ett troll. (Jag vet).

    Lita inte på media. 😇


  21. hllviken skriver:

    Helena, det syns fortfarande, det har inte något att göra om jag kommenterat eller inte.


  22. Helena Palena skriver:

    hllviken! Vad är det som syns? När syns din mejl?


  23. Helena Palena skriver:

    hllviken! Det är nog bara du som ser i så fall!


  24. hllviken skriver:

    Nicknamn + e-post.


  25. Helena Palena skriver:

    Du ser väl inte Björn Sveninges mejl t ex? Han ser nog inte din!
    Det här ser jag:
    hllviken skriver:
    19 januari, 2021 kl. 8:00 e m (Redigera)


  26. Helena Palena skriver:

    hllviken! Men hur kan det synas om du inte skriver något!


  27. Helena Palena skriver:

    När du skriver en kommentar fyller du i namn och mejl och sen skickar du kommentaren. Du kanske gör något fel där. Vad vet jag!


  28. hllviken skriver:

    Det syns en stor ruta med mina personliga data. Nytt fenomen som jag ej sett på denna blogg förut. Nej, jag ser ej någon annans ruta.


  29. Helena Palena skriver:

    hllviken! Märkligt! Syns en stor ruta sen du postat kommentaren och den publicerats! Hitta på en fejkemail!


  30. Helena Palena skriver:

    hllviken! Du kanske ska byta webläsare!


  31. hllviken skriver:

    Jag avvaktar.



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