Hillary Trump & Donald Clinton off the hook! Vem vinner!

Hillary Trump

Vilka skådisar! Vilka såta vänner! Vilka skriver manus?


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4 kommentarer till Hillary Trump & Donald Clinton off the hook! Vem vinner!

  1. There are two candidates for the US election who subject to the dictates of the military-industrial complex will end up doing much as their predecessors had done ( just compare the records of Bush and Obama – one illegally invaded Iraq and the other intervened in Libya and destroyed the country – six of one – half a dozen of the other).

    It might be that Clinton may be more liberal with domestic policies – but – on foreign policy the US continues much the same – whoever is elected.


  2. Helena,

    To support what I just said, I add this:-


    So – whosoever is elected as President of the United States of America – the nefarious plans shall continue unabated.


  3. Helena Palena skriver:

    Courtenay: Yes! It´s just a play for the gallery as we say in Sweden. A grandstanding! I will soon blog about HAARP! MSM doesn´t write a thing about that. It´s terrible!


  4. Förnamnet vet jag inte men efternamnet är troligtvis Rothschild.



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