Här får vi Courtenay Barnetts syn på läget i Ukraina och världen. Han är advokat i Karibien. Utbildad i London. Har ni svårt för engelska är det lätt att översätta med hjälp av Google.

John Stockwell, former CIA official and author ”It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms.”–
Note: John Stockwell was station chief in Southern Africa at the time the Cubans sent troops to help liberate South Africa and destroy the Apartheid system – so he should know what he is talking about.

At present Zbigniew Brzezinski in his recent article “What Obama Should Tell Americans About Ukraine”says, inter alia, this about the Ukraine crisis:

“Obama should convey clearly to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the United States is prepared to use its influence to ensure that a truly independent and territorially undivided Ukraine pursues policies toward Russia similar to those so effectively practiced by Finland: mutually respectful neighbors, wide-ranging economic relations both with Russia and the European Union, but no participation in any military alliance viewed by Moscow as directed at itself – while also expanding its European connectivity. The Finnish model may be the ideal example for Ukraine, the EU and Russia.”

Brzezinski ostensibly does not want a situation to escalate with Russia to the point where there is another Cuban Missile crisis situation. However he fails to ask himself some simple and logical questions by parity of reasoning:

1. Would the US tolerate missiles being placed on its backdoor in Mexico – or – again in Cuba? This is the parallel situation where if Ukraine becomes a NATO member – then the Ukraine is thereby committed to potential belligerent support of NATO – or – might take offensive action against Russia – backed by NATO?

2. When a man like Henry Kissinger – or – Zbigniew Brzezinski uses the phrase, “ a threat to the international system” – are they not really saying ”a threat to a banking system raping the world and steadily falling into disfavor with Americans who are out of a job” – or – “a threat to the power balance where the US and Israel dominate and a group of bankers dictate to the lesser mortals around the world”?

3. When a man like Brzezinski in his article ( quoted above) states further, “”Above all the president must clarify why we cannot tolerate an international system in which countries are invaded by thugs and destabilized from abroad” …

Was/is it not the US which had fabricated the facts to fit the war in Iraq; is at war in Afghanistan; is busy destabilizing Venezuela; supports a proxy war in Syria; destroyed Libya; and – since the first successful CIA led coup in Iran – has been time and time again interfering in or destroying countries futures in places such as the Philippines, Chile and on and on and on. Just beautiful! So with that kind of track record – what is the true motive of the US in Ukraine?
Are we all brain dead – or- is the US position on Ukraine likely to be any different than what has transpired before? And here is the same Brzezinski who supported the Mujahidin ( which morphed into the Taliban):-

Remember – as Brzezinski reminds us – it is “ a deep belief in God” that keeps these wasteful and wicked wars going. What a way to run a peaceful world!
Idiotic warmongers!

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Courtenay Barnett

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3 kommentarer till PEACE OR WAR? WHAT DOES THE US WANT IN UKRAINE? Brzezinski har svaret

  1. anders skriver:

    Stefan Molineux ger sin syn på Ukraina:


  2. Mr. Stephan,

    Answer me this:-

    1. Which country in the world has ever complied with IMF conditionalities and after compliance come out economically more viable than before the IMF deal was signed? ( Please name all the countries in the world – thank you – if you can find even one).
    2.” Spontaneous protesters” – and there is no real acceptance that a side paid its side to protest on their side as puppets in the greater game – yes?
    3. So when the US admits US$5b contributed for destabilization of Ukraine – is there any doubt as with Latvia – Greece etc. that there is a rape of the public purse – by design? – As the US ”lady” said – ”fuck the EU” – or – is this an imaginary statement about the true perception from a US official about the US great concern for the interests of the European people?
    4. Which ”masters” – in a world of power spheres of influence – so what is/are all the other countries of the world to do when one power presses relentlessly and so hard to obtain global hegemony?
    5. If the country with the greatest power in the world projects its power in to the world ( e.g. PNAC) – what option are the other countries of the world left with – but resistance – and/or war?

    I would really like to hear sensible answers about this professed ”freedom” to keep the ” freedom” debate going.



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