Putin´s bullied in SvD! Anna-Lena Laurén washes her article! Merry Christmas!

JulbockSwedish Dagbladets version of the article in Huvudstadsbladet (paper in Finland) – Spiritual rift between Russia and the West worries Sauli Niinistö – is sharply cut in Sweden. Niinistö gives Putin an admission that does not go alone. Laurén had to have everything Niinistö said in HBL, since he apparently insisted. But in Sweden , she could sift. She is apparently a genuine PK- lackey, a fierce supporter of the Russian liberals and senseless Putin haters. Presidential interview starts like this:

”President Sauli Niinistö is known for wanting to get things done efficiently. He makes his entrance in the large reception hall at Talludden five minutes early and we start the interview immediately. ” Niinistö is found to have a very clear understanding of today’s Russia.

This was cut out in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet version :

” You all know by now Vladimir Putin. Who is he?
– Putin has a brilliant sense of humor that can flash to unexpected situations. He is very special and has a vast knowledge in detail, for example, the Finnish-Russian trade relations. he is aware of specific problems and has a good number memory.

While expressing Niinistö a certain self- criticism regarding the EU’s policy towards Russia.

– There are concrete examples of how collaboration works when all parties are equal, as when the water treatment plant in St. Petersburg was founded. EU could reflect on their own role. Can the Russians possibly be right when they say that Brussels is always doing the same thing: forming itself a complete idea about something and say take it or leave it. The Russians have self esteem just like everyone else.”


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