Tsar Putin eller oligarkerna? Valet är lätt!

Heja Putin! Media i väst skriver ner dig. Framställer dig som en åsna. Vi ska inte få veta vad som pågår bakom alla uppror. Bakom den arabiska våren lyser inte moder sol – där lyser banknätet (petrodollarsystemet) som vill behålla status quo = ränteslaveriet och full koll på pengaskapande och guld. Men gänget har stött på patrull när det gäller Syrien eftersom Ryssland och Kina backar upp vilket gör att Assad kan sitta kvar.

Moskva har under de senaste månaderna upplevt fler demonstrationer än på många år. Nyvalde president Vladimir Putin kan dock räkna med hjälp av en förman på en stridsvagnsfabrik om läget blir värre. Utnämningen av Igor Cholmanskitj som särskilt sändebud i Ural har chockat ryssarna.

Som sagt – för att få reda på vad Putin egentligen säger får vi vända oss till olika aktörer på nätet. Läs hos Lena Holfve som försöker få Sverige att vakna upp. Hon har  lagt ut Putins tal som MSM inte skriver om. Det är många aktörer som vill in och suga ut Ryssland än en gång. Undra på att Putin försöker sätta stopp.

Putin exposes the NWO – part 1

Inlägg om Putin hos Holfve 

svd dn dn


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7 kommentarer till Tsar Putin eller oligarkerna? Valet är lätt!

  1. Helena,

    On this point:-

    ”Moscow has in recent months seen more demonstrations than in many years. ”

    So has the US and Europe.
    The point – I belive – is that people are waking up to the fact that Western ”demoracy” is actually the best that money can buy. If Putin did not stand firm for Russia, the Russians would be back in the early 1990s – begging for food again. It is better that we have a ”balance of nuclear terror” in the world than a truly unipolar world.

    The West would prefer a leader in Russia who was a supplicant and not one who stood for the interests of his people.


  2. Philip A. Ohlund skriver:

    Yes, I like Putin too!

    I must admit I have been terrible wrong concerning both the euro and Russia before.

    When I see how bancrupt the eurozone is and how Greece is bullied around, I’m happy Sweden is not in the eurozone and I understand Sweden now must leave the E.U. and seek a military alliance with Russia.

    Together with the other Scandinavian countries we must put pressure on the Benelux countries to also join Russia.

    The U.S. wants to put missiles in Poland – but that is risky.

    They will probably be used against the Polish themselves, or if the Germans get too ugly with the Greeks against Germany.

    But I don’t think the Americans themselves know yet who they want to bomb?

    Russia is too strong to attack for the Americans, and if the Americans bomb Germany, Germany could choose to join Russia, which actually would be the best solution.

    Belgium is a key player, because when we get Belgium we also get Italy.

    The Christian Orthodox Church is the answer, and that is why we must join Russia which is the strongest Orthodox country.

    Russia is also more receptive for the special needs of Scandinavia – because of geographical and natural similarities and also for Benelux, which also is of strategical interest – than the bankers in Germany, or the E.U. Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

    If we want better lives for future generations, the goal must be to control the totality of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.


  3. Helena,

    I konw that you will be interested in. Over to you for comment:-

    ” Unjust legal saga continues for Assange
    John Pilger ”

    On May 30, Britain’s Supreme Court turned down the final appeal of Julian Assange against his extradition to Sweden. In an unprecedented move, the court gave the defence team of the WikiLeaks editor permission to ‘re-apply’ to the court in two weeks’ time.

    On the eve of the judgement, Sweden’s leading morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter, known as DN, interviewed investigative journalist John Pilger, who has closely followed the Assange case. The following is the complete text of the interview, of which only a fraction was published in Sweden.

    Julian Assange has been fighting extradition to Sweden at a number of British courts. Why do you think it is important he wins?

    Because the attempt to extradite Assange is unjust and political. I have read almost every scrap of evidence in this case and it’s clear, in terms of natural justice, that no crime was committed. The case would not have got this far had it not been for the intervention of Claes Borgstrom, a politician who saw an opportunity when the Stockholm prosecutor threw out almost all the police allegations.

    Borgstrom was then in the middle of an election campaign. When asked why the case was proceeding when both women had said that the sex had been consensual with Assange, he replied, ”Ah, but they’re not lawyers.” If the Supreme Court in London rejects Assange’s appeal, the one hope is the independence of the Swedish courts. However, as the London Independent has revealed, Sweden and the US have already begun talks on Assange’s ”temporary surrender” to the US – where he faces concocted charges and the prospect of unlimited solitary confinement. And for what? For telling epic truths. Every Swede who cares about justice and the reputation of his or her society should care deeply about this.

    You have said that Julian Assange’s human rights have been breached. In what way?

    One of the most fundamental human rights – that of the presumption of innocence – has been been breached over and over again in Assange’s case. Convicted of no crime, he has been the object of character assassination – perfidious and inhuman – and highly political smear, of which the evidence is voluminous.

    This is what Britain’s most distinguished and experienced human rights lawyer, Gareth Peirce, has written:

    Given the extent of the public discussion, frequently on the basis of entirely false assumptions … it is very hard to preserve for [Assange] any presumption of innocence. He has now hanging over him not one but two Damocles swords of potential extradition to two different jurisdictions in turn for two different alleged crimes, neither of which are crimes in his own country. [And] his personal safety has become at risk in circumstances that are highly politically charged.

    You, as well as Julian Assange, don’t seem to have confidence in the Swedish judicial system. Why not?

    It’s difficult to have confidence in a prosecutorial system that is so contradictory and flagrantly uses the media to achieve its aims. Whether or not the Supreme Court in London find for or against Assange, the fact that this case has reached the highest court in this country is itself a condemnation of the competence and motivation of those so eager to incarcerate him, having already had plenty of opportunity to to question him properly. What a waste all this is.

    If Julian Assange is innocent, as he says, would it not have been better if he had gone to Stockholm to sort things out?

    Assange tried to ”sort things out”, as you put it. Right from the beginning, he offered repeatedly to be questioned – first in Sweden, then in the UK. He sought and received permission to leave Sweden, which makes a nonsense of the claim that he has avoided questioning. The prosecutor who has since pursued him has refused to give any explanation about why she will not use standard procedures, which Sweden and the UK have signed up to.

    If the Supreme Court decides that Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden, what consequences/risks do you see for him?

    First, I would draw on my regard for ordinary Swedes’ sense of fairness and justice. Alas, overshadowing that is a Swedish elite that has forged sinister and obsequious links with Washington. These powerful people have every reason to see Julian Assange as a threat. For one thing, their vaunted reputation for neutrality has been repeatedly exposed as a sham in US cables leaked by WikiLeaks. One cable revealed that ”the extent of [Sweden’s military and intelligence] co-operation [with Nato] is not widely known” and unless kept secret ”would open up the government to domestic criticism”. Another was entitled ”WikiLeaks puts neutrality in the dustbin of history”. Don’t the Swedish public have a right to know what the powerful say in private in their name?

    John Pilger is a journalist, author and filmmaker. View his profile here.


  4. Helena Palena skriver:

    Courtenay: Assange stayed a whole week in Stockholm for investigation of him. But Marianne Ny & Co did nothing so he left for London. That´s is weird – really weird – and where the shoe is hurting as we say in Sweden. Something seems to be rotten in the land of Sweden. But – lets imagine it´s a drama – a play – orchestred by the CIA – then what?


  5. Then he will be extradited from London to Stockholm – and – the Swedish government will act complicitly with the US to have him removed to the US where he will be imprisoned.



  6. Helena Palena skriver:

    Courtenay: If you have eyes to see with so is Sweden a little colony to USA. And if you play nice in the game you will be promoted in all sorts of way: Maud Olofsson is now in the Hillary Clinton team, Erik Åsbrink is avdiser at Goldman Sachs and Pär Nuder helps Madelein Albright! Sit still in the boat and you will ge a gold star in the book.

    But I also meant that Assange probably is/was a CIA-product and is now betrayed by them. Like Osama in Laden once were their puppet on a string. If Assange really was a radical then he would´nt deny that 9/11 probably was an inside job.


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