Dubbelt upp

Tvillingarna var på krogen. En något berusad man stirrar länge på dem. Så småningom tycker tvillingarna att det blir jobbigt med detta stirrande så den ena säger.
– Ni ser inte dubbelt. Vi är tvillingar.
– Alla fyra!

”En populär författare skriver det folk tänker. Ett geni inbjuder till att tänka något annat”.
Ambrose Bierce


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6 kommentarer till Dubbelt upp

  1. Axelina skriver:

    Vilka små sötnosar!


  2. Helena Palena skriver:

    Axelina: Visst är dom söta! Så jävla gulliga. Vilket fint namn du har. Min mormor hette Axelina Albertina.




    Like we ”shit people” in the Third World, now persons in the continental US are beginning to understand that they live within a fundamentally exploitative system that:-

    1. Uses its world reserve currency status to build up huge deficits that fund global wars ( Libya being the most recent – Syria and Iran to come).
    2. De-regulated and rewarded Wall Street ” banksters” for having relied on their greed to bring an entire economy to the brink of collapse.
    3. Rewards the same crooks who fell into bankruptcy, but are able to use Washington political control to get paid back huge sums in the trillions – being the very money of the pensioners, mortgage payments, savings that their bad investments lost ( but the providers of the funds are not reimbursed and those who want to go to work are left jobless, while the “banksters” with the politicians sanction are rewarded). Now, with their backs to the wall, the American people are beginning to understand.

    Now – the chickens have come home to roost – for that the same pressures that the majority populaces of Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and other areas of the global South have experienced en extensio are now, full circle, back home – to core points of origin – in Europe – in America – and thank goodness that the people there are protesting en masse. It is the European and American populaces that have to change the corrupt and exploitative global system into something globally viable. Either that or the ruling bastards bomb Libya, Syria, and wherever next they want to go to before the final showdown with China and Russia, and if the financers logic is permitted to get to that point – then bombs and bullets bring humanity to World War 111 – and we are all fucked. Those kind of people love profits at any cost – not people.

    I place a wager about the seriousness of the crisis over the next 12 months. I will wager good money that it will worsen. The Rulers do not have any constructive answers – they worship at the altar of, and are subservient to finance capital.


  4. Helena Palena skriver:

    Courtenay: ” It is the European and American populaces that have to change the corrupt and exploitative ”global system into something globally viable.” True. I think all capitals in the west needs their Tahrir Squares. The Rulers – one can also call them The Satan. They love money an to maintain the position at any cost. I think we soon have World War III here and that is has been planned for a long time. The rescue is peoples awakening and understanding. Hope that will cut the murderers by the ancle.


  5. Antonia skriver:

    Håller med. Väldigt fina pöjkar :). Och bra bild.


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