Hur Kahn han vara så brun? Dags att flytta!

En miljon dollar i kontanter lämnades som borgen plus en fem miljoner dollar stor försäkring sen kunde Strauss-Kahn lämna Rikers Island. Pengar som lämnas som borgen, används dom för att täcka statens utgifter och rättegång o s v. Någon som vet hur systemet funkar over there? Strauss-Kahn ska bo i en lägenhet på södra Manhattan med fotboja, vakter och kameraövervakning. Då kanske man inte kan älska med sin fru heller. Han är brunbränd på bilderna. Som om han varit på en ständig solsemester. Det kanske inte är så jobbigt att vara IMF-chef i själva verket. Det ränte-slav-samhälle vi alla lever på rullar på av sig själv. Mats Hallgren skriver att den svarta sidan i Dominique Strauss-Kahns karaktär inofficiell har varit känd sedan flera år men inget man skrivit om i pressen. Mårten Schultz skriver att massorna sondmatas med eufemismer i Kahn-fallet. Det är klart. Vad skulle media annars fylla sina slaskspalter med?

Bernie Madoff är dömd som rufflare. Hans vinsamling ska säljas för att få in lite pengar till offren som han svindlat på otroliga summor. I samlingen finns allt från en låda Chateau Mouton-Rothschild från 1996 värderad till mellan 20- och 23.000 kronor till småflaskor med gin och vodka. Jag är vinkännare och har nu flummat in på Zinfandeldruvan – heter Primitivo i Italien. Otroligt gott. Det är inte priset som avgör. Det är smaken.

Man loggar in och loggar ut.
Vad händer om man aldrig loggar ut? Kan vem som helst gå in på ens blogg eller Facebooksida då? Varför ska man logga ut? Reggade mig på Expressen för några månader sen. Har inte skrivit en grej där och aldrig loggat ut. Har en blogg på AB som måste flyttas. Fick ett mejl angående stängningen med instruktioner om hur man genomför en bloggflytt. Verkar inte så svårt. Få se om jag flyttar den eller låter den begrava sig själv i cyberspace.

Och så lite om Kungen. Borde han lägga korten på bordet? Kanske dags för Victoria att ta över.



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4 kommentarer till Hur Kahn han vara så brun? Dags att flytta!

  1. Antonia skriver:

    Här fick man återigen veta att med pengar kan man köpa det mesta. För hur skulle det se ut att sitta med andra ruffiga typer på väntan på rättegången. Solbrännan skulle försvinna och viken skandal det skulle bli. Justitia ser tydligen på ena ögat och gillar de rika och vackra.


  2. The economies have gone off the gold standard and have been finacialised to the advantages of the bankers and the policies are not designed for the welfare of the people. Here is an intelligent discussion on point:-

    The sex scandal while a human tragedy for the individual woman is ultiamately a diversion from the much larger fiancial and economic problems.


  3. Helena,

    Thought you might be interested in this article from the woman’s persepective. From yesterday’s ‘Jamaica Observer’ ( 2oth May, 2011):-

    MR IMF: Economic saviour or sex fiend?

    ”Barbara Gloudon

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    IMF DECISIONS can mean life and death for millions already disadvantaged in the game of global economics. It follows that its leader’s integrity has to count for something. This is why I am so repulsed at what is being revealed about the man who wields so much power over so many lives, including we who live in an IMF fiefdom.

    Current local propaganda is that the IMF, seen by some as the best thing for us since sliced bread, has come once again to save us in our hour of need. The Fund, we’re told, is no longer the enemy as in Michael Manley’s 70s, but today is beneficient and bountiful, providing us with loan support and wise advice on how to spend what is being made available to us from the kindness of their heart. Never mind the interest on the loans. As to default, don’t even think of it.

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn with PM Golding at last July’s Caricom meeting in Montego Bay. (Photo: Collin Reid)

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn with PM Golding at last July’s Caricom meeting in Montego Bay. (Photo: Collin Reid) 1/1

    So why am I scorning their leader? Because he’s a creep, that’s why. His reputation as a sex fiend was well-known long before today, but apart from a mild reprimand for an inappropriate affair which he had with one of his staffers, at the Fund headquarters, nobody seemed concerned about his reported inability to keep his pants zipped and his hands off women whom he seemed to regard as part of his global remit. As reports of his latest escapade now make global headlines, we’re hearing that his ram-goat behaviour was well known. It is fair to assume that no one, including him, imagined that a day would come when his image would be tarnished before the eyes of all the world.

    Go ahead – tell me about separating private life from public responsibilities. Yeh. Right. Talk till you are whatever colour in the face you choose, but there are too many predators around. Next thing we’ll be hearing how he couldn’t help himself, because as a child, he suffered from a deficit of love so that as an adult, in our graphic, hometown phraseology, he felt compelled to ”hold-dung-and-tek-weh”, an act otherwise known as RAPE, however you spell it.

    The world is appalled at the allegations that Dominique sexually assaulted a maid in a fancy New York hotel and then fled to Kennedy airport to catch a flight which would take him home to Paris to continue his campaign in the French presidential elections and then proceed to go weave the IMF spell on some neighbouring countries with fiscal problems. As for his alleged victim, she could not flee and now must be prepared to defend her reputation.

    Rape victims always pay. That’s how the game goes. Even crazy, conspiracy theories are permitted. Already, one story circulating says she was set up by the Sarkozy camp in the French presidential race to bear false witness against him. Surprise, surprise! As in all rape cases, the woman, as complainant, must endure humiliation and indignity. How dare she make such a dastardly claim against this distinguished world figure? Imagine! Surely, one of such high rank would not choose to copulate with the hired help. Who is she anyway?

    Media reports say that she is a 32-year-old African who went to the United States as a refugee. She has been employed at the hotel for three years. As the quest continues for as much sensation as possible, rumours abound. It is now being said that the Bronx apartment where she lives is in a building reserved for people living with HIV/AIDS. This has been investigated and denied, but the rumours persist including the latest – that she may have infected him with the disease that would mean of course that SHE is the real criminal.

    THE BIGGEST INSULT of all is the standard defence in rape cases – that the sexual act was consensual. Apparently, we are to believe that this woman was so turned on by this global power broker, displaying his assets in the hotel bathroom, that she threw herself on him and ravaged his old man’s body, getting battered and buggered and insulted in the process. Then, there is the old standby, ”She asked for it”. The victim can expect to be victimised for as long as it takes, as the matter drags through the courts while efforts are made to rescue the shredded reputation of an old lecher.

    My contempt is also for the System which easily overlooks reprehensible behaviour by men who have reached the

    top of the power ladder and see nothing wrong with sexual harassment. The more powerful the harasser, the greater the benefit of the doubt. Well, luck has to run out sooner or later. Let’s see if this is Mr IMF’s time.

    By the way, he is no stranger to our shores. Last July, Mr IMF attended the 31st regular Caricom meeting in Montego Bay where he served up fatherly advice on ”the regional crisis of high debt burden and tight borrowing conditions”. He urged us lesser beings, dependent on the Fund as saviour, to ”co-operate for the greater good… We must deepen trust and respect and renew our commitment to working together”, he proclaimed. Trust and respect… was that his mantra, only for public show or, if reports are to be believed, it had nothing to do with his private life?

    Read more:—Economic-saviour-or-sex-fiend-_8834343#ixzz1N030AFOZ


  4. Helena Palena skriver:

    Antonia: Justitia är blind på båda ögonen när det gäller denna man. Rik och vacker och du får en mildare dom. Kanske blir frikänd t o m.

    Courtenay: Say hello to Barbara from me. Very good. ”So why am I scorning their leader? Because he’s a creep, that’s why.” IMF and so forth are sucking the juice out of the bodies in the world. Even Sweden is in this race through BIS. A bank must only have 2 800 swedish crowns and can lend to a poor soul one miljon crowns so the discount subject can buy a house with hig interest of course. The banks don´t have any money in their vaults. Only air. The money is virtual but the debt is real.

    If you haven´t read Money as debt by Ellen Hodgson Brown – please do. No, you dont´have to because you know what a horrible financial spell the western world lives under. Maybe China and Russia prevents the gang from taking total control over all of us. The one who controls the money controls everything.



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